• Cuckoo-clock

Cuckoo-clock - painted flowers


Original cuckoo clock from the Black Forest hand carved in walnut wood and hand painted with Swiss Alp flowers Edelweiss, Gentians and Rhododendrons


Traditional mechanical cuckoo clock with wood carvings. The roof is a shingle roof type. Many dozen small wooden plates are cut and glued by hand.

This clock has a one cuckoo call every half hour and the number of hour cuckoo call at full hours, with night stop.

Even the dial, hands and bird are wood carved. To wind up the clock just pull the chains every day.

Height of the cuckoo clock without the weights and the pendulum 21 cm, 8,3 inches high and 17,5 cm, 6,9 inches wide.

Comes with instructions in several languages.

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