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KooKoo Birdhouse


KooKoo Birdhouse the modern cuckoo


The brand KooKoo gave the cuckoo clock a new and modern design : clear and simple in black or white color. Colorful birds and pendulums can be combined at will and easily swapped. Maybe you think a cuckoo clock doesn't always have to be a wall clock? Pick up the pendulum and place the BirdHouse on your favorite spot without a pendulum!

Every hour, the little bird opens the door and sings its melody one or more times, depending on the time. You can choose from 12 real voices of native songbirds recorded in the wild - and of course the cuckoo call. You can of course adjust the volume and adjust it to your well-being. Just like in real life, the birds in the KooKoo BirdHouse fall asleep at night: an integrated light sensor ensures a good night's sleep.

Song selection : 12 native songbirds: blackbird - song thrush - black cap - garden warbler - blackbird - nightingale - blue throat - red-red garden - collared flycatcher - fitis - heirloom lizard - oriole (fixed sequence). Or the cuckoo call (1 to 12 times).

BirdHouse black : pendulum discs in blue, red, white and black / birds in blue, red, white and green.

BirdHouse white : pendulum discs in blue, red, white and black / birds in blue, red, white and black.

Dimensions : 27.5 x 17.5 x 10.5 cm (HxWxD)

Works with 3 batteries type C (Not included)

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