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CD "Freddie" recorded by the Russian rock group "Pushking" of St. Petersburg.

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Russian rock group "PUSHKING" of St Petersburg has released an unique, stylish album, the rock suite "Freddie", heavily influenced by Queen which comes complete with a 32-page colorful booklet, and is dedicated to the memory of the great and ingenious Freddie Mercury. 

Rock suite "Freddie" was born in 1997. It happened on a rainy day when Konstantin (Koha) Shustarev was walking home on the Basil Island. Suddenly the sky became bright and a blast of cosmic information stroke him. A melody appeared in his mind, which later became the base for the rock suite. His spirit was receptive and Koha knew that a new project was born and it would be dedicated to Freddie Mercury. Ten years after this day, the project of recording "FREDDIE" has never left Koha. 

In the year 2000 a demo version of the suite was presented to several Moscow music companies with the aim of going on with the recording, getting financial support and bringing the product to the Russian music market. It was finaly only in 2007 that "Freddie" was released. 

Great songs, great musicians and a real great album to have in your collection !

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